Breaking: Did the Nike Ad Groom The Buffalo Mass Murderer And Self Described Jew Hater Payton S. Gendron (calling Jews DEMONS and wanting all Jews murdered) ? The Nike Ad has the potential to change behavior and beliefs to hate Jews without the viewer realizing it, and is therefore illegal. See p.1 of the linked abbreviated Affidavit.


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     Talk is cheap, especially in sports. Nike CEO'S lofty, and principled sounding statement is the type of BS one would expect from a confessed criminal's lawyer cynically pleading for a light sentence: "He's sorry he will never do it again." Nevertheless, Nike's cynical statement genuinely reflects our values here at HP BENSON ASSOCIATION. We agree with the words Nike only mouthed : "We are opposed to hatred and inequality in all its forms, indirect and overt...We are compelled by our purpose: Until We All Win. And we will never ever quit until that becomes a reality."

     Besides inspiring HP BENSON, Nike also gave the world and especially the Jews an unintended benefit: In producing a deceptive video that grooms children to be racist Jew haters, Nike has given the world a tool to teach the "sole" of Jew hatred. Politicians, judges, academics, lawyers, psychiatrists, clergy, film-makers and other respectables cannot possibly understand Jew-hatred as well as an obsessed Jew hater, unless they are one. So our second goal, thanks to Nike, is to use The Nike Video to expose this self consuming Jew hatred created by Nike in such an ingenius, big budget way. 

      The frames in the Nike Video deceptively flashed two by two expose their message one by one. Everyone potentially affected by Jew hatred - and that is arguably the entire world - should see for themselves the evil destructive-for-all message the Jew haters that helped create Nike's brilliantly deceptive promotion of hate. 


  There is a lawsuit - Leaf v Nike et. al., - based on the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, (MCPA), that is awaiting a decision in the United States Supreme Court requesting: Review and oral argument in the Supreme Court - Writ of Certiorari; To summarily send the case back to the trial court to allow briefing and review of issues including new issues the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals raised in violation of Supreme Court case law that "issues not passed on below" are not to be ruled on by a federal appellate court; And/or to send the new issues raised to the Michigan Supreme Court as certified questions.


     The lawsuit alleges that Nike's award winning big-budget five minute Ad/Video, The Last Game, promoted primarily to children because it is animated, is harmful and deceptive and therefore violates the MCPA. The Last Game on the surface is about clones of great soccer players, with a logo that resembles a Jewish Star, taking over everything including sports, and ruining everything for everyone. A match is arranged between the "good guys" - legends of soccer - and the evil clones for the fate of the world, and the evil clones lose. Subtle and subliminal Christian symbols, Nazi symbols and themes, sexual images, and terrorist symbols and messages are promoted throughout. 

      The trial court ruled that because Leaf read some posts on the internet that having the bad guys wear a logo that resembled a Jewish Star was anti-Semitic in their opinion, Leaf could have discovered the video's anti-Semitism [without watching the video] despite the material facts he complained of having very little to do with the logo resembling a Jewish Star. The trial court also ruled that Nike would have had to have said "There is no subliminal or subtle content involving Nazi messages, sexual content and terror messages." The trial court ruled since Nike did not state that, they were off the hook. In other words, the trial court ruled incredulously that silence by Nike, despite its deceptive harmful conduct, is a defense. 

     The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals incorrectly ruled that deceptive harmful transactions that are free (such as phone apps, email, computer apps, time share promotions, product samples, membership trials, etc.) are not covered by the MCPA, and also stated that internet transactions are not covered by the MCPA. This makes countless deceptive products and services not covered, by essentially requiring that "protection money" be paid. The Court of Appeals never mentioned the trial court's ruling that silence in the face of deceptive harmful conduct by a business is a defense.


      None of the relief petitioned for stands a chance unless someone like Michigan's Attorney General files an amicus brief on behalf of the State of Michigan. This lack of a chance for relief is based on how the courts have handled this case so far, e.g. new appellate issues without any opportunity for briefing (despite a pre-ruling motion requesting such briefing or limiting of issues to prevent being blindsided), no oral argument, obviously wrong rulings in the trial court and the appeals court, and victims - Jews - that are increasingly subject to abuse that is being ignored, normalized, and threatened and punished if Jews assert their legal rights, including Leaf, attorney Marc Susselman,  and an elderly injured frail Holocaust survivor.  

     Various Jewish publications in 2014 covered the fact that Nike blew off,  stonewalled,  disregarded and patronized, the concerns of the Jewish community, as they are doing today.

     The Nike Ad/Video clearly added deceptive: Jew hating; sexual; and terror content to The Last Game directed primarily towards children.  Virtually the day the lawsuit was filed by Leaf in the trial court, Conner Ryan went from living large in his London flat, to moving back to Dublin where his parents live. He also seemed to be black balled by now being degraded to doing cover art for local Dublin bands, and no longer posted new social media, something that Ryan had been obsessively doing before the lawsuit was filed.  

     If Leaf was not totally justified, Nike would have demanded sanctions in a heart beat. However, everyone knows that Nike is lucky to have so far not suffered any negative consequences. To the contrary, leveraging Jew hatred among soccer fans has most likely paid off handsomely for Nike: Companies make fortunes off of Jew hatred, and always have. 

     Click to download Leaf's Supreme Court Petition:




     Let's first meet the Nike Ad's lead animator - Irish citizen Connor Ryan - portraying himself as sein Führer Adolf Hitler, like most normal lead animators do when charged with big budget animations for children. Ryan actually looks more deranged than his beloved Führer. Maybe he is also portraying Hitler's dog Blondie. Some dogs have underbites. 

         Lead Nazi Adolf Hitler


Lead Animator Connor Ryan


     Nike's offensive deceptive content included subtle and subliminal hatred (mostly against just Jews so don't worry?). The bad guys wear a soccer ball logo that "perfect Lebron" wears on his basketball Jersey because basketball is of course soccer in disguise.



      Nike, as a bully and a cheater, is picking on Jews, mostly Jewish children, because Nike can get away with it. So far Nike has been right about this to four billion people. Nike knows that putting in an image of the hooked nosed Jew (Because Nazis and the Nike Ad promote the lie that Jews are physically repugnant) with a crown on its head - because Nike wants to remind you - just like the Nazis - that Jews rule the world - and the word "Devil" on its neck forming a picture of the Devil - because according to The Nike Ad, Nazi ideology, and the mass murderer Peyton Gendron the Jew is the Devil - has no downside for Nike. Such Racist hate hidden in a children's video is apparently normalized as long as it is limited to just Jews.



     The above image - especially the crown, conveys the Nazi theme that the Jews control the world. Despite Nike's ridiculous and cynical denials (as the video's lead animator posts himself as Hitler on his social media) that the logo is a soccer ball, it is also used on "perfect LeBron". "The Jews" - the bad guys with the Jewish Star looking logo - are taking over everything and ruining everything for everyone for the benefit of the Jews. Besides the false accusation that the Jews murdered Jesus, the power and control the Jews supposedly have over the world is how Jew haters, including those responsible for the Nike Ad, have caused criminal violence against innocent Jews including mass murder, throughout history.

     In the Nike Ad, "the Jews" start with soccer, and later seize control of all businesses, and one picture especially portrays it: The good-guy soccer coach -  depressed -  looks out over the city at night, and all he sees is the "Jewish Star", "Jews", and their corporation - Perfect Inc.



This is for adults because it is inappropriate. Because some children go frame by frame looking for Easter Eggs, Nike can be sure that many children will be sure to get the message.


     Most children's animated soccer ads contain masturbation, don't they? Where else would such content be promoted? The Nike Ad's lead animator - "Adolf Jr." - draws his signature penis on Trump and a soccer legend statue. But again, this inappropriate sexual content is of course excusable because it is only being used as an "Easter Egg" to promote deceptive Jew hatred. Your kids will be fine according to the Trial Court. In the words of the Nike Ad/Video's lead animator, "Stare away mate."

         Nike Ad's Lead Animator Draws Long Thin Penis


         Same Long Thin Penis Drawn


     Nah, it could not be. A reputible company like Nike would never do such a thing. One would have to believe their own lying eyes. No way, no way, and no way. Only a sick pervert would see such depraved images when everyone knows they are not there.

                      Nike Ad - A Child's Penis


    Associating The Penis With Sports


     The Nike Ad manifests contempt for the viewer's intelligence. Nike must believe that the viewers are not smart enough to figure out that they are being played the fool. Here, Connor Ryan draws a face containing a face - dual perception. The next image is dual perception of an erect minor's penis, excused as a knee. An erect minor's penis is "kinda" exploitative of children. However, since the penis is next to the hooked nose Jew with the crown, we can excuse it as a questionable message in service of a higher cause - deceptive Jew hatred.

         Nike Ad's Lead Animator Dual Perception


              Dual Perception Penis/knee


     Moving on to our next hallucination, we are imagining offensive inappropriate religious content, primarily against the Hebrews in context. Of course,  such a thing could never be done, and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rightfully describes the allegations against Nike as "startling". Marvel Comics, when faced with a similar shocking situation, though far less serious, immediately recalled the comic X-Men Gold, apologized, and fired the illustrator, within hours. Marvel was a hero, Nike a zero. The Marvel illustrator admitted to putting the Quranic Surrah 5:21 on the Jersey, which refers to Muslims not having Jews or Christians as friends. In the Nike Ad 571 is Muhammed's birthyear and 4018 is Quranic Surrah 40:18 which speaks of the painful deaths of infidels, including Jews and Christians.


   Another shocking figment of the imagination is the number 20:42:49 that appears on a control panel that the white Supremacist Nazi - that leads the "Jews" - is using. That number of course is a misrepresentation of a passage from Ezekiel misquoted to infer that the Jews would be punished when they returned to Jerusalem. Similarly, the Nike Ad makes sure children deceptively get the Isis red axe


     One of countless “crucified” good guys, flashed quickly in The Nike Ad  and perceived by most  to be a Jewish Star next to the “crucified” good guy. There is bread and...butter. There is Jesus crucified and.... the Jews responsible. The Nike Ad's obvious intentional message especially to children, is that the Jews murdered Jesus. Millions of “ordinary Jews” – as opposed to Jesus (who is Jewish) - have been murdered by Christians because of this allegation over the last two millennium, so a Jewish Star next to a crucified image is extremely offensive, especially when done- as here -  in a sneaky way.


A crucified Jesus – “Christ The Redeemer” - is flashed very quickly and therefore not noticed consciously as the soccer ball ascends.  This is later followed by a visible Jesus, as the soccer ball descends. The Nike Ad intentionally did this to reinforce in the viewer that the Jews are the bad guys and Jesus is against the Jews. Like everything else it is drawn intentionally.


     Please come back to this site, because it will be updated constantly with more content from the Nike Ad, including ways you can help fight this. For now, if you want to help, email Nike's CEO and ask him to stop hiding in the locker room and to come out and explain how the content in his deceptive racist movie targeting children is consistent with Nike's mission to do everything to combat hate and bigotry "in all its forms". The Nike CEO's email address is:


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